First Ace at Age 57

First Ace at Age 57

I've always heard that a hole-in-one was a combination of skill and luck. The percentage of those two ingredients may vary from shot-to-shot but for the most part, the saying holds true.

I have been associated with this sport/hobby/pastime for over 45 years and have seldom come close to having an ace - until yesterday.

Using a Pro V1 appropriately numbered #1, I struck a 4-iron from 170 yards out on the Par-3 14th Hole at Oak Mountain Championship Golf Club in Carrollton, Georgia and it found the hole on the fly.

The feelings inside me were surreal in that 1)I wasn't sure if it had really gone in or if it hit the stick and bounced somewhere that my playing partners or I couldn't see, and 2) I had done something that my father who had passed in December was never able to accomplish.

If Heaven is the place that we are led to believe it is, hopefully he got to see me do it. In fact my first words spoken after the ball went in were "Thanks Dad".

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