A Surreal Experience

A Surreal Experience

At age 57 and a 16 handicapper, I figured my opportunities for having an ace were about as remote as me hitting the $400 million Power Ball last Tuesday night.

And while the odds of doing either are significantly different (12,500 to 1 vs. 174 million to 1) until this past Saturday (8/3/13, both were considered pretty much out of reach for me.

But as luck would have it, I hit my first one ever on my home course with my golf buddies as witness. Using a Pro V1 Titleist that was given to me by a vendor from work, I used a 4 iron from 170 yards out to knock it in the 14th hole of Oak Mountain Championship Golf Club in Carrollton, Georgia.

We all watched it soar high in the air and watched it descend toward the hole and heard it hit the cup - but - we all looked at each other to see if anyone saw it ricochet someplace else. It was so surreal because we thought it went in the hole but just didn't believe it. I didn't and wouldn't accept that it was in the hole until I pulled it out of the cup.

By the way, I played the PowerBall later that night ...and .... well - I'm still working!!

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