Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

This will be somewhat of a long story, but worth the read!

Rewind back to August 19th, 1992. I'm 7 years old. My father Bruce Sr. and I woke up nice and early to head down to Shalimar G.C. in Tempe, AZ. On the par 3 hole #2 my Father hits a solid tee shot with his 7 iron, and immediately we lost sight of the ball in the sun. We proceeded to head to the green where we couldn't for the life of us locate his ball. He was extremely confused, as he was a skilled golfer and hit a very solid tee shot. Just to be funny, he said (rather sarcastically) "I wonder if its in the hole!" and walked over to the flag. When he got there, I saw him freeze. Finally after a solid pause, he bent down, reached in the cup and pulled out his signature Titleist golf ball with his 3 dot mark he always used on his golf balls! My father passed away 3 years later, and I know I was the one that got to be there for that very special moment with him!

Fast forward to August 10th, 2013. I'm competing in the Davis Cabin Charity Golf Tourney at Pine Meadows C.C. in Heber-Overgaard, AZ. I tee up my Titleist Velocity on the 298yrd par 4 hole #7. My driver has always been my strongest club, but this tee shot was something special. I CRUSHED my drive, and it was headed about a foot right of dead center pin. There is a lake, a creek, 2 sandtraps and a crap load of hills inbetween the teebox and the pin, so visibility was limited. I see the ball land, I see it bounce, but then I lost it. On of the other members of my 4some thought maybe I had hit it in the sand trap, but I mentioned I had seen a bounce so he guessed I cleared the green. My partner (it was a best-ball scramble) and I drove up to the green to see where I had landed, and we couldn't find the ball anywhere! we spent a solid 5 minutes looking all over the area and no luck what-so-ever. We took so long looking the other team played their ball and were now on the green waiting for us. I annouced I had given up the hunt and we needed to go back and play my partners ball a solid 100+ yards back. The other team decided to finish out the hole while we were leaving, and right before we got in the cart, I hear "Bruce, what were you playing?" I turn around to see him holding the flag pin and looking in the cup. I said "Titleist #2". He reached down, grabbed the ball sitting in the hole, and held it out to me. From what I was told, I just stared at him with my jaw on the ground for a solid 30-45 seconds. He handed me the ball and walked back to his, with me still standing in disbelief. Once he got back to his ball he said "well, can I have my ball back?" assuming that he had just found a ball possibly left by the previous group. I reached in my pocket and produced an identical golf ball since the sleeve I was playing just happened to have a blue company logo on the side and showed him both balls. He looks at me and said, "That's a hole in one buddy." I then proceeded to completely lose it as it finally hit home I hit a hole in one!!!

I didn't realize it until about an hour before writing this, but my Father and I not only now share a hole in one, but we both hit it in almost the same way, on almost the same DAY, and both with Titleist golf balls!! I can assure you now, I will never play with a different brand again.

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