Spring Creek 17th Charlottesville VA

Spring Creek 17th Charlottesville VA

Crazy day of golf! Headed to my course where I am a memember Spring Creek, Charlottesville VA. Today was the first round with my new AP2's 712 with the x100 shaft. I am a long time Titleist player, most recently the AP 2's 710 Dynamic Gold S300. I was excited to put the new sticks into play. Ball was sailing off the range, so to the course I went. Currently I hold a 2.6 handicap, had a horrendus start to the round...+4 through 3 holes...not to fret, time to grind. Made a couple birdies to take the turn at +2. Made a 3 Jack bogey on 10 (Scotty let me down LOL). Couple pars later hit the first Par 3 on the back, 151 Par 3, hit a towering 9 iron to 6 inches, just past the pin. WHOA! Double at #14 (my nemisis) and pars at 15th & 16th, brought me to the 17th Hole.

17th is a 3 leaf clover green with the pin tucked in the front clover, have to play long to have access to it. Zero wind, measuring 134 to the stick, so i played a Pitching Wedge, my 140 club now with the upgrade, 5 yards longer. Smashed it, towering with a little draw about 3 feet right of the flag.....ball hits 15 feet past it and takes the slope of the green, and what seemed to be an eternity and 3 others play by play, all you heard was the ting of the ball hitting the stick and it disappeared!!!!!

Hats off to Titleist, for not compromising the game, staying true to lofts and lies, and putting the best product on the planet into play. Dont sacrafice the integrity of the game please!

Titleist player for life, my entire bag is and will continue to be Titleist.

Thanks for making my first hole in one happen, it only took 26 years of playing :)


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