Wild Turkey Golf Course

Hole 7 , 155yds over a rock quarrey. I'm 36yr's old, been playing since 13yrs old. Never had a hole in one. Hit a nice draw, did not see the ball go in from the tee box because of the pin placement -right side of the green, my buddy Dan says after I hit the shot, "Billy that could be a few feet away"....we drive up to the green and see no ball on the green....Dan says, "Billy I don't see a ball on the green, that could be in hole" !!!! I get tense and a shiver runs up my spine realizing what might be happening...We both walk up to the hole, Dan a bit ahead of me, I say "wait, I have to get the first look". Walk up to the hole, look down, and sure enough.....HOLE IN ONE !!!!!!! Unreal I was shaking. Didn't care what I shot the rest of the round given this unreal moment in time....I shot 41 on the front...turned it on and shot even par 35 on the back nine...76 , probably the most memorable round of my life.

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