4th Hole in one

My first Hole-in-one was made July 10 2000 at my local golf course Highland Meadows. I had been playing golf for about 5 years so it was an awesome experience to get my first one. My second hole in one came 12 years later at Turin Highland another local golf course. And number three came in that same year at Carlowden Country Club. I got to say the tee shot was not the best however it landed on the down side of a hill that is in front of the green and rolled about 15 feet across the green and into the hole. The most current hol-in-one came this weekend 8/10/13 at our member guest. Same hole as the one before PAR 3 125. With the exception this tee shot was a beauty a right to left ball flight hit's the green rolls about 3 feet into the hole, my playing partners were just as excited as me and my guest were. Needless to say I spent a hole lot of money at the 19th hole. And it was well worth it.

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