First Hole in One

First Hole in One

I was at the Manor in Alpharetta, Ga. Two friends Kathy and John were there to witness this historic event! I acutally saw the ball go in to the hole..Amazing!

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  1. Kenneth K

    Bergen Point GC, 2nd hole, 182 yds.  Used a 4 Hybrid, Titleist PROV1.  The flag was mid green but could not see the hole, hidden by a mound.  The group heard a clang that the ball hit the pin but as we know (from TV) after a ball hits the flag stick it can go anywhere.  I approached the green, didn't see the ball, took 8 iron, gap wedge and putter because I was not sure where the ball ended up.  I think the first place a golfer checks is in the hole.  Much to my surprise ,ball was in the hole.  It hit the cup on a fly.  First hole in one and was witnessed by two other players,