One Great Thrill

My story is like most golfers who have dreamed about a hole in one experience. The event happened on a beautiful summer Friday evening at my local club. My golf partner and I were enjoying the pleasant surroundings and as my ball lofted toward the flag stick, we paid no attention to the possibility of the blessed event. As we approached the par 3 green, I was concerned that my golf ball had rolled off of the putting surface and into the fray. As usual my friend and golfing partner of 19 years asked me if I had bothered looking in the cup for the prize. To my amazement, you can imagine my thrill to see the Titleist golf ball resting next to the flag stick at the bottom of the hole! Not only was this my first hole in one, it was also my first eagle as well; what a thrill. The Pro shop did a wonderful job recognizing my happy accident, and after arriving home after the round of golf, I thanked God for the privilege to be an American who loves the game of golf and the friendships that I have made at Shawnee Country Club, Rookery North Golf Course and at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, SC. Next to the blessing of my wife and 2 golfing boys, this will be a moment to be treasured in the years to follow.

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