Sure wish I saw it go in

Sure wish I saw it go in

After 30 years and a lot of 'almosts', I finally carded my first ACE. But I have to say, the thrill wasn't what I thought. Why? Well I didn't actually see it go in.

Playing in a shotgun format, our first hole of the day was a 168 yard par 3. A little breeze in the face, but nothing to really affect things. It was a play your own ball and take the best 2 of 4 tournament and I went last.

After my 3 partners struggled a bit on their first swings of the day, I hit my AP2 6 iron, and it was tracking the entire way to the green.

We thought it was good, but there was just enough glare around the hole and in our faces that non of us really saw the ball finish. After not seeing the ball on the green, then looking over the green for a bit, I said that was odd and threw out the "maybe it's in the hole" line.
My partner walks up, looks in, and sure enough, it was!
But instead of jumping up and down like I thought I would do if it ever happened, I was in more of disbelief than anything. The ballmark was about 10 feet from the hole and right in line. Did it roll in? Did it bounce once and jump in? Man I bet it looked cool going in. Guess I'll never know. Time for better sunglasses.

So, while it is GREAT to finally have one under my belt, I wish I could have seen it go in and had the reaction I really wanted to experience. Jumping up and down, high fives, screaming - you know what I mean, right? The guys were excited and did the best we could, but they didn't see it either so I'm guessing the same thing was tru on their end.
Kind of funny, but somehow now that I have one, I REALLY want another one.

Thanks Titleist for providing the gear to get it done!

Bill Stoeckel

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