Lake Chabot short but deceiving hole number 2

I was playing with my friend Dewey Kwong just a twosome, usually we are a foursome with many different friends who have mingled through many rounds at Lake Chabot Golf Course.

I hit the ball and its going right towards the flag on this particular hole you can't really see the dance floor you have to kind of guess where you are.

Remind you I knew I was close to the hole but usually the ball just goes through and you chipping from the rough or putting from the fringe.

So I bend over to clean my divot and I am really not looking at the cup. I was looking towards the back. I stand up after cleaning the divot and I am like hey Dewey come here. Dewey says something funny like he usually does so he walks over and he looks down into the cup and he says it not too loud you hit a " hole in one" . He putts out. We're both just smiling cheek to cheek. I am in a daze not believing what has happened we drive to snack shack and we both drink a ice cold can of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale , believe it or not that was the only beer we drank that day.

Mike Ziebell

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