Last Round Forever

My son was a 35 year old executive chef who ran 5 restaurants. He was a shooting star with unlimited talent. Just before opening his 5th restaurant we made a deal to play one more round before I had my knee operation. He was always complaining that I had 3 hole in ones and he had zero. On 8/16/13 they found my son
expired in bed while sleeping. We don't know why but he was gone forever. My best friend, son, and golf buddy.

I put a sleeve of Pro V1's in his coffin and told him to get 3 before I came up to join him. We both played Titleist irons, golf balls, and had Titleist staff bags plus carry bags. On 8/23/13 I went to my home course the Orchards Golf Club in Washington Mi. to clear my head and play that last round with my sons next to me. On the 12th hole 140 yards I took out my Titleist 9 iron and proceeded to put in in the hole on one bounce. I couldn't believe it and I looked up in the sky and started crying.
I told my son thank you for helping me and know he needed only 2 to catch up. I played the rest of the round crying and shaking. It got so bad that I had to chip with an 8 iron because I keep chucking my wedges.
Thank you Titleist for helping us with your great equipment to have something to remember him by for the rest of my life. I plan on having his irons fitted to me next year because his are the newer model AP1.

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