Sunny Day at Lake Chabot in Oakland

Sunny Day at Lake Chabot in Oakland

I met my good friend Dewey Kwong for a round of golf. In the past we have been playing a foursome but this day was just us.

I pull out my first Pro V1 ball and expect it to drift to the right and lose the ball into the range. This time--no-- the ball was in the middle of fairway. I say I am going to have a good day.. So we roll up to hole number 2, usually the distance is about 140-150 at the whites. I pull my Pro V1x out my pocket. I walk up to the tee box, you can't see the dance floor other than the flagpole. My shot looks picture perfect, but we've played this hole so much, we know it's probably drifted to the back end of the hole.. We walk up Dewey's ball was off to the left. My divot mark was close to the pin. I reach down to clean the divot and start looking for my ball.

I look down and I see my Titlelist 2 ball in the cup. "Hey Dewey", I call, "come here". He laughs "why, do you need me to fix your divot?". "OMG, its a freaking hole-in-one!!!

We go to the snack shack, which is near hole #2. Dewey tells Carolotta …"Mike just got a hole in one!" "How come no one yelled?", she says and we just smiled. She gives up 2 cold tasty beers and a water.

We toast the beer and try to do it again! After the 18th hole, we went to the bar and took a shot of Jagermeister. We were done for the day!

Mike Ziebell

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