Hole in one

I've had many memorable days playing golf for the past 58 years and a hole in one is not one of them but on August 28 hole number 3 black course at D Fairchild Wheeler playing with my best friends Joe Perrotta,Jim Brideau and Joe Drywer I hit my Titleist pro v1x 10ft. behind the pin and drew it down the hill into the hole.A 19th hole celebration followed the round.

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2 Replies

  1. Daniel B

    Just had my third hole in one using a pro-V on Friday 10-4-2013.  Great feeling again.

  2. Nuggie V

    I am 21 year old and on 10/5/13 I had my first hole in one!  A 170 yard hole in one with my 8 iron.  I have only been playing golf for about 2 years but love it!!!!