Mark This Off My Bucket List

August 30th, 2013:It was a beautiful morning and prior to starting our round, I had given a member of our foursome an inexpensive pull cart because he did not have one. On the 142 yard 7th hole, we all teed off and I hit my shot over a front right bunker guarding the green. I new I hit it well, but couldn't see where my ball ended up as the back part of the bunker was raised and blocked my view of the green. When we walked up to the green, everyone else found their balls but mine was nowhere to be seen (we've all experienced that). After checking the rough to see that my ball didn't roll off the green, I decided to look into the hole. We've all done that too hoping, just maybe..... Well, this time to my surprise, there was my ball in the cup. Yeaaaa! Now that's good Karma if I ever seen it. Do something nice for others and the mighty lord returns the favor!

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