Ace Number 2

Ace Number 2

What a day....Sunday morning usual game with the best buds you could have. Tee block #8 at Echo Valley near London Ontario Canada...Sun broke through around 9:00 and started to warm the day and the ball. Slight breeze into us...176 yds out teed up my #4 Pro V1...laced a high cut 6 iron that tracked just to the left side of the good bounce and you could see the ball heading for the pin....This our regular course and I have hit similar shots that looked as promising as this one so my expectations were not that high...but all my buddies had expectations higher than I did of the result. The base of the pin is hidden from the tee as this is a slightly elevated green. As we drove up to the green there was no ball to be seen...I thought " there's no way I went long" with the breeze we had but, was unsure... My buddy Declan jumped out of his cart first and approached the hole as I was riding up to the green....what a moment when his arms shot straight in the air and he shouted "she's in the hole". High fives and hard knuckles all around....What a day.....

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2 Replies

  1. Joe M

    Correct!!!!! 176

  2. Dan C

    180 yards uphill into the wind!