And the Crowd Goes Wild

And the Crowd Goes Wild

I have been golfing off and on for about 12 years. Mostly off though, I think I took about a 6 years break in there. Over the past few years I have golf about 3 times a year, until this summer. I have been playing once a week since mid-June so to say the play has been a little inconsistent is putting it mildly. It has been a summer in getting the swing back on track.

On August 28th 2013 I was playing at Maplewood Golf Course in Renton, WA with some co-workers. The 6th hole has water to the left of the fairway with the pin placement making you hit over water. As I teed off I thought "wow, that one is looking pretty good, great line." Then a second later "wow, I really hit that one good. I should end up right next to the hole." When the ball landed it did a small hop and then a short roll to toward the hole. There was a second hesitation and then the ball disappeared.

I looked over at my fellow golfers who were over on the blue tees with a stunned look on my face. They looked at me, and we all went crazy! What a moment! Something I never thought I would experience in my golfing career. It has defiantly made me want to get out there more often and start working toward the next hole in one. My nickname at the office is now "Ace". :-)

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