First Ace

Playing at Blackstone Country Club with one of my playing partners. #6 has sand to the right and left, and pin was in the middle/back. I hit a solid 7 iron with a flight just right of the pin. There is a area of rough between the traps and green and as we got the green we could not see a ball on the green. I knew I hit it well and was shocked it was not on the green. My buddy commented it must have been held up in the thick rough. We covered the ball. He walked to the back of the green thinking I flew it...i casually walked over to the cup, all the while waiting for him to sasy "really, now you think it went in' (he is sarcastic as they come) I walked over and looked in the cup....THERE IT WAS!!! My Pro V1 with my blue dot marking sitting at the bottom!! WOW...what a rush...Scott came running over and congratulated me. Best day ever, and I tied my best round overall as well. Titleist Pro V1 forever...

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