Vacation thrill

Vacation thrill

I was on vacation in Macon, Georgia. A friend of mine from North Atlanta drove down to play 9 holes with me at the Barrington Hall Golf Club. When we approached the 6th tee box, a 153 yard par 3 with traps on the left, I could not see the cup due to a slight slope on the green. I grabbed a 7 iron and aimed about 10 feet to the right hoping for a small draw. The shot felt good and my friend commented that I would like the shot, but we thought I had hit the green and rolled past the hole. As we approached the green, there was no ball in sight. As my heart started to pump harder, I approached the hole I peered into the hole an saw my Titleist comfortably nestled next to the base of the pin. It was unbelievable!! Definitely the highlight of my golf experience. I am hoping that the stars will line up again sometime in the future and I'll be writing another story!

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