334 Yard Hole In One Miracle

I was playing the #6 hole at Tregaron Golf Course (Bellevue, NE) which is a 334 yard blind par 4 that goes up a hill and then back down the green. I knew the group ahead was on the green and didn't think I would get it to them even though there was a significant wind blowing. When I hit the ball, I said I'm on the green right away as I just hit it pure. When I got up to the green the 4-some ahead of us was waving their arms up and down saying that the ball went in the hole. The story gets more interesting in the fact that it went in the hole by hitting off the players shoe that was watching one of his playing partners hit as he was standing 4 feet from the hole. He never noticed the ball until after it hit him and then dropped in the cup. After going over the rulings, it was determined by the Head Pro that this indeed was an Ace. This is my 2nd hole in one as my first came on a Par 3 back in 2000. Needless to say, it will be a fun story to share for many years to come.

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