Barton Creek Hole in One

I was down at Barton Creek in Austin on Monday, Sept 23 playing the Crenshaw Cliffside course. I was walking and playing by myself, kinda hangin back not trying to rush the foursome in front of me, stay out of the way. At Resorts there are a lot of foursomes and I have come to expect that.

I get to the 5th hole a 194 yard par 3. I am not standing on the tee, standing over by a tree. The foursome in front of me sees me and a couple of them wave me thru.

I grab pip-squeak (my 21 degree Titleist 913 fairway metal) and think two things:
1. I don’t want to embarrass myself, I need to hit a good shot.
2. The guys ahead of me are being really nice, so I surely don’t want to hold them up.

So I put it in the hole, ACE BABY!!!

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