Hole in One at the 23d Annual BullDog Classic

Hole in One at the 23d Annual BullDog Classic

5th Hole of the annual Berwick Academy BullDog Classic at the Ledges in York Maine. 125 yard pitching wedge using a Pro V1x.

I knew I hit a good shot and was expecting it to be close, like 3 feet or something... So I reached down to take my tee out of the divot—and the foursome on the next fairway went crazy, yelling it's in! On the tee it was hard to see due to the angle of the sun. I first thought it behind the pin... But sure enough, when I we all looked closely, we couldn't see my ball on the green, it really went in the hole!

This is my first one and I'm totally thrilled! Funny thing is the Tournament had a hole-in-one pool for $50.00 and I didn't enter it—who gets a hole in one in a tournament with a hole-in-one pool? We'll if I entered the prize would have been a $5,000.00 home entertainment system. So no flatscreen TV for me but I still won closest to the pin; a prize of 1 dozen swoosh One balls. I hope Dick's Sporting Goods will let me swap these swoosh balls for some PROV1xs as the Ledges Pro Shop doesn't sell swoosh—can you blame them. ;)

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