My business partner and I were in a match with two of our clients. Through the match, he was carrying me until we got to the 13th hole. I'd finally hit an acceptable drive on a par 5 and, of course, went on to three-putt the hole for a bogie. Luckily, we were able to win the hole with a bogie.

My partner teed off on the par 3 14th hole. He hit it short and to the right, below the hole. I walked into the box with not a lot of success on this particular hole over the years. It is a relatively flat, straight forward par three that always seems to play a little bit longer. The blue tee marker showed 164 on the card-- but was playing four yards closer at 160 yards. Pin was up front, so I chose 153 as my number. The wind was slightly in my face and I hit a draw with my 8-iron (full out) at about 158.

When I hit it, I felt as though I cleaned it perfect-- with a slight pull. In the air, it was a very tiny draw that started to the right of the hole and gradually made its' way to three yards to the left of the pin. The wind knocked it down a little bit, but the yardage seemed right as I wanted to keep it below the hole.

When it landed, I saw it kick right with some side spin. The ball kicked forward to the hole...and disappeared with a slight "tunk" sound-- as if it hit the pin.

I turned to the members of my foursome and said, "That may have gone in..." Just as I said it, one of them said, "I think that went in..."

Two more players had to go before I was able to make my way to the my partner and I drove to his ball, the other twosome went directly to the green and gave me a big smile...sitting at the bottom of the hole was my ball...

We got to the next hole and I thinned my drive...but, had less than 150 in to the hole. I stood over that next shot and just pre-shot or thought...

I pulled that shot 20-yards into the hazard.

As we pulled up to the green, my partner turns to me and says, "Make sure you finish the hole..." I said, "Of course...but, why?" He said, " do you think a '1' is going to look surrounded by a '6' and a '7' on a scorecard?"

"Good point."

The whole experience was surreal.

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