My first hole in one

190 yard par 3
Elevated tee box, using a 4 iron I sent my Pro V1 on a perfect trajectory with the ball landing at the front edge of the green and rolling 4 feet straight into the cup. Also this shot was observed by two of my golfing pals.

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2 Replies

  1. Rose Marie S

    100 yard par 3

    Hitting over the water, I choose my 8 iron hitting my Titleist HP2 Tour. High trajectory with the ball landing close to the pin. I was speechless.  The ball had a slight jump, which landed in the hole. This was my first hole-in-one, I was thrilled.  It happened in a tournament with three other players observing.

  2. Michael S

    After 57 years of high school golf, college golf & 1000s of rounds, I finally got my first hole-in-one. Hit a great 7-wood to the green with my Titleist Velocity, it landed soft, and rolled right in.  It was a real thrill.