My first ace came August 19th, 2013 on hole #15 at The Links at Gettysburg. The scorecard reads 161 with water hazards short and to the left side of the green. The right side is a lateral hazard running the length of the hole. The front half of the green is open on the sides with bunkers guarding the back, back left and back right sides of the green. From the tips it plays 236 and is the 4th hardest hole on the course.

So, my dad and I pull up to the tee box and I get out to laser the pin. That day it was playing 145 with the pin in the front. I grab my 8 iron, and step onto the tee. I wasn’t playing particularly well that day and thoughts of the last time I played the hole started to creep into my head. Flashback to a couple of months earlier were I chunked 3 balls into the water hitting to the a similar pin location. Anyway, I’m on the tee telling myself to just relax and hit a golf shot. I setup to the ball and pull the trigger. The strike was solid! Divot goes flying! I’m holding the finish as the ball starts out 3-5 yards right of the pin with a draw. It felt like the ball was in the air forever! It lands on the green and starts tracking towards the pin. I’m still holding my finish as my dad is yelling "GET IN THE HOLE!". We can still see the ball as it comes to a stop what seemed to be right in front of the hole. I was really happy that I hit a good shot and we both jumped into the cart. As we are driving up to the green the shot looks better and better the closer we get. 50 yards from the green I’m saying “That looks close.”. 25 yards from the green, “That looks really close!”. I’m thinking to myself this is the closest I ever got to a hole in one, because from 25 yards it seemed to be inches from the cup. We pull up pin high to the green. I was in shock!! I didn’t know what to say or do! Still sitting in the cart, my dad grabs my shoulders and squeezes them as he’s yelling and congratulating me! All the while, I’m still staring at where my ball came to rest! My ball was wedge against a forward leaning flagstick and the hole! I wasn’t sure how to react but my dad was going nuts! Best feeling in golf!

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