Hole-in-one stories

First hole in one at 69

Played golf for years. Was visiting Las Vegas and playing 2nd round of the day - first was ok but felt that I could have played better. So I was playing Las Vegas Paiute Sun course as my second 18 for the day and was chipping and putting beyond belief. Ended up with best round of year (71).

Came up to the 17th hole and just felt something special was happening and had feeling that I could hit a hole in one and wanted to use correct ball for hole. Was playing and trying some crome balls and felt that I was due for something and switched to my normal Tournament ball - Titleist Pro V1x. Slightly downhill par 3, playing 125 yards that day according to skycaddie.

Used a 9-iron and nailed it with slight draw towards pin. Hit very softly about 3-5 feet from pin and rolled towards cup. Saw it settle right at pin and slowly sink into the cup. Didn't believe I had holed it until my partners hollered that I had hit a hole-in-one. Still incredulous until actually got ball out of hole.

Last round in vegas and left back to go to work so a real fitting ending to day.

The pro V1x performed exactly as desired and as well as I could have ever hoped. Great Ball.

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First Hole in One

September 28, 2013. I was playing a round on a Saturday afternoon with two of my friends, and was having a decent round. Got to the 18th hole, 139 yard slightly uphill. Hit pitching wedge on the ridge behind the hole and the ball disappeared behind the hill in front of the green. We knew it was close and were excited to go look and were even more excited to see it was in the hole! I'm the one in the middle of the picture. Glad I was with two of my best friends and golfing buddies!

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Donald Cayer

Hit a great 8 iron to 135, it was my first and only Hole in one and I got to share it with my brother and cousin, pretty special.

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Hole in One Chattanooga Golf CC

Just thought I would let my friends at Titleist know that since switching to the Pro V1x from my B330 I have had two hole in ones in less than 5 months. Attached is the most recent from a few weeks ago at Chattanooga Golf & CC 18th hole.

Uphill Par 3 playing 178. Hit 8 iron and flew in the cup. Thanks for helping me find the right ball for my game. I love the control I get on my right to left ball fight. Have a great week and thanks for your great products.

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3rd Ace

Second ace (3rd overall)
in 18 months since moving to North Carolina. Love my Pro V1 Black Bear GC hole #3

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