Blind Squirrel Scenario

I had my first Hole In One in 2011 on a 187 yard par 3. I was playing in a weekly golf league and we each had put a $1.00 in the pot at the beginning of the season and if someone was to get a Hole In One then they would start another pot. Well, we went all season without anyone getting a Hole In One and it was the last day of the season. Our Golf League Chairman announced that because no one has had a Hole In One this season the funds would go into the Golf Banquet. We all agreed and we started playing our final round of golf for that year. On Hole # 7 (the foursome behind us) there was a Hole In One. We were all real excited about it. But, then when I got to Hole # 3 I drained my Hole In One so we each had to split the Mega Pot of $64 ($32/person). Now as Paul Harvey would say, "Now here's the rest of the story"....I had my Hole In One using a Titleist SoLo where the other person was NOT using a Titleist ball.

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