Hole in one number three

Hole in one number three

On October 30, 2013, fresh out of a three day hospital stay, I came up to the third hole on Foxtail North in Rohnert Park, California, with a group in front of us,waving us up. From 194 yards, with a 5 wood, I one hopped it right into the hole with a Titlist ProV1X 3. What is rather ironic about this story is that I have had two other hole in ones. The first one, on July 24, 2005, from 104 yards, with a pitching wedge in hand, I got my first hole in one with the Titleist ProV1X 2 in the two man club championship and cost me $360.00 in drinks. My second hole in one was on my birthday, October 8, 2006 with a Pro V1x 2. My point being, Titleist, I'll never play another ball. All three of my holes in one have been with the Titleist Pro V1x series! Thanks Titleist!

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