Skipping Work Has Paid Off My First Ace

We tee'd off at 0751, finished our first round at 1240 and none of the 4 of us were happy with our play so we went back for another 9. The whole group was playing much better, the pace was slower so it was a little more relaxing. We hit hole #4, took a few extra practice swings making sure my mechanics were spot on. Tossed the ball of the ground and took my swing. I immediately thought it was a bad hit because it hit a little thin and didn't have the height I would of liked. It flew over the front side bunker and we saw it take one bounce on the green and that was it because the hole is hidden behind the bunker. It was straight on and every said it rolled off the back side. I laughed it off and said it was in the hole. When we approached there was only 3 balls on the green so I was certain in rolled off the back side. My buddy walked to the hole and started to shake his head, and there was my Pro V1, nestled all nice and comfy in the bottom of the cup.

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