Double Eagle

Double Eagle

I had just landed in Utah from Arizona. I deceived to jump out and catch a quick 9. When I arrived to Davis Park Golf course I was alone and by the fourth hole I caught up with another single, his name is David Harris. To that point in the round I was two over. It was a n average round for me to that point I had a bogey, double and a birdie. We stepped up on the tee box on #8 from the championship tees it plays at roughly 520 yds. I hit drive with a slight cut up the right hand side rough. I flagged the pin at 187 yds to a back left pin. The weather was a touch cold so I decided to club up and swing easy. I hit the shot and went directly back to the enjoyable conversation I was having with my playing companion. I didn't see the shot since there are a few trees up the right hand side that obstructed my view. I knew the distance was going to be good, but to my surprise when we approached the green, I was carrying so I had plenty of time to contemplate the situation, we couldn't locate my ball. My initial thought is
I went long, sometimes this time of year with the greens being pretty firm you never know the exact bounce you get. David suggest I check the cup and to my excitement there I was! The above picture is when I was picking the ball out of the cup. I am always grateful to get out and play a great game with great company! This is my ninth season and I have had my share of victories and losses in this game, but I would have to say this is the best achievement this far. Thank you for allowing me to share my story!

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