Par 4 HoleInOne

November 11, 2013

John's Island West in Vero Beach Florida was holding a Pro-Member charity outing for the Boy's and Girls Club. The 14th hole which was a par 5, I finished with a sandy birdie. Waiting on the tee box for the green to clear on the par 4, 15th, I decided to let the four members in my group tee off ahead of me. Once the green was clear I picked up some grass to throw into the air to see which direction the wind was blowing. The wind was blowing right to left. I ranged the flag at 256 yards up hill. I pulled out my Titleist 913f 3 Wood and played a draw to let ride with the wind. My Pro V1x hit left of the flag and saw the ball curl to the right and down to the toward the flag and we all lost site of the ball. As we were in the golf cart, the group in front of us that was on the next tee box ran onto the 15th green waving as if the ball has gone into the hole! I could not believe that it was in the hole on a par 4. It was a unique Hole-In-One considering that it was my first! Hope to have many more to come in the future.

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