Best Hole in One

My buddy and I were joined by two friends who caught up with us on a 160 yard par 3 at Moccasin Bend Golf Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There immediate comment was that the green didn't hole the ball well and it would roll off the back into a bunker. I explained that the Kmart rocks you were using were too hard and won't hold the green. You need a Pro V1 control ball that will spin, launch a high shot hitting hear the flag, take a hop, and spin back to the pin. One said "Really!" Well, why don't to show us how it's done! I took a seven iron, launched a high draw shot hitting by the pin. It took two hops by and spun back into the hole. I was dumbfounded by the feat but having two other holes-in-one I didn't panic and was trying to quickly think of something I could say. So I turned around, looked at the three guys with their mouths open, and said "Are there any questions?" It was the best hole-in-one I ever made.

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