First hole in one after 55 yrs of golf

First hole in one after 55 yrs of golf

I made my first hole in one after playing golf for 55 years..4th hole at Cedar Hammock in Naples, FL. I used a 6 iron on 136 yd hole with brisk breeze in my face. One bounce in front of the pin and 3 ft roll in. Another bucket list item marked off…I used a forged 6 iron and my favorite ball Titleist prove vx 5...

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7 Replies

  1. terry m

    I had my first hole in one after 40plus years  of golfing .A 100 par 3 with a wedge It hit green and rolled about 10 the hole .It was on Echo Meas golf course in Sun City West , Az yesterday using a titleist  as i have for all my years of playing.Pretty neat for old guy...First

  2. George V

    Way to go!


  3. George V

    Congrats SteveM!

    Way to go!

    Isn't it a great feeling?

    After my 2nd I used to 'make' my boys call me Ace!

    (just kidding-mostly)

  4. Brian D

    Congrats on your ACE!. Make sure you fill out the link to receive your pewter HIO bag tag!


  5. ronald h

    The prototype test balls were tested in Ct. and Aruba.  The test balls putted and chipped with more "release" than ProVI and even NXT tour balls.  The first chip and run was nearly holed and the ball was extremely durable. The cover never

    marked up and ball flight was exceptionally straight even on miss hits.

     This ball may be superior when in playing large and slow greens or soft courses.

  6. SD_Golfer

    Congrats on the Ace,  I haven't been so fortunate yet, but I keep on trying :)

  7. Rey P Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Congrats!  I hope you get a few more!