After 43 years

After 43 years

After 43 years of playing golf, I finally got my first hole-in-one on January 1st, 2014. I was playing Arrowhead Country Club in Molalla, OR, with my regular group. Before we tee'd off that morning one of my playing partners said jokingly that this was going to be the best round of the year being January 1st and all. We approached the number 12 tee, my partner and I were up numerous strokes over the other team and they had already pressed the bet, so the two opponents double pressed the bet. As I walked to the tee I said to them that I was due and were they sure they wanted to do that, they, of course, laughed. I was first to hit and got up to the tee and hit my Titleist AP1 PW. The hole was playing 137yds that day. It was flying towards the pin, I said, it's going to be close...The ball hit about a foot behind the hole then sucked back into it. I was getting high 5's from all. I just couldn't believe it! And neither could they! When we got to the hole, I looked in and pulled out my Titleist #8 PRO V1. The hole was worth $36 per person. Unbelievable!

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  1. Jim R

    This year will mark my 40th year of playing and I have never had one, I see that I have not played enough years!!!!  Congrats!!!