My second Ace in 16 months

Just after noon, on a cleary sky yet windy 70 degree MLK Day, I had the box on #2. From the men's tees, into a 12-mph wind moving slight left to right, I started my shot 5 yards left of the pin that was at the far back of the green and playing 188 yards out. I watched it being push back in exactly like I intended to play it. After the first bounce I realize this has a chance to go in, as begin to roll towards the pin I shout, "GET IN!" . Unfortunately,  it stops right there and I wait... And I wait... Then I curse! As my buddy Larry approaches the box he laughs saying, "Don't get all mad just cause you didn't make a hole-in-on." We all laugh and I retreat to my cart. Larry lines up his shot and takes a practice swing, I take one last look and at that exact moment I watch my ball disappear. I ask, "Did that just fall?" I shout: "DID THAT JUST FALL!?!" "IT DID, IT DID!" The force of the wind had caused the flag to lean and block my ball from dropping but as the wind died, the pin stood up and my ball fell in.

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