9 year old Son gets 1st hole in one

9 year old Son gets 1st hole in one

It was a really nice January day in Reno Nevada. High in the mid 50's and no snow on the ground and no wind which is quite uncommon for this time of year. My 9 year old son Sean, who has only played golf on an 18 hole course twice in his life, stood up on the tee of the 5th hole at Wolf Run Golf Club. He took a practice swing and his 12 year brother helped lining him up toward the hole. His shot landed on the green and rolled right up to the hole and we could hear it hit the flag stick. We weren't sure if it went in as we could still see the ball from the tee. As we approached the hole we noticed that the ball was in fact wedged between the hole and the flag stick. What a exciting day for this 9 year old and his very proud Dad who has yet to get one in my 44 years of playing golf.

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