On February 16th, I thought I would work on my short game during the late afternoon at my local par-3 course. I was on the 5th hole and there are bunkers to the right and left of the hole, and a very short hole as well (96 yards).

Placed the ball down, and began my regular routine of standing behind the ball and lining up where I wanted the ball to go, took a practice swing, and lined up to the golf ball. The swing felt good and also sounded good off the face as I heard the ball fizzing. The sun was in my eyes, but I could see the ball land onto the green. As I walk up to the hole, the ball was no where to be found, I initially thought the ball went toward the back of the green since it slopes down. I look around the rough, and no where to be found. I'm thinking to myself it couldn't have gone too far since I only used my gap wedge, so I look into the hole and my there's my ProV1x!

Definitely made my weekend since I was just there to work on my short game and all to prepare for an upcoming tournament, but didn't expect a hole in one!