Never thought it would happen

I've always wondered if I would ever make a hole-in-one. I've been close, but everything has to click at that one special moment to accomplish it. I just came off the prior hole after missing a 2 foot par putt. Needless to say, I have been in a better frame of mind. Hole 12 is a short, scenic par 3 across a boulder laden creek. The pin was in the middle of the green and the yardage was perfect for my gap wedge. I teed it up, picked a spot a foot in front of me, aligned myself, and tried to put a nice smooth swing on it. As my head came up I saw a nice high trajectory that appeared dead on the stick. I knew I had hit a good shot and was hoping I could get up there and knock it in for birdie. The ball hit about 2-3 feet in front of the cup, made on small hop, and disappeared. It was a great moment and fun to share it with my playing buddies. I wasn't quite as focused the rest of the round, but I didn't care! This a sporting moment I'll remember always.

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