Hole-in-one stories

2nd ACE

Hole 8 at Point Mallard has always been a thorn in my side it is a 163 par 3 with water hazzard in between tee and green about 40 yards wide always loose a ball there......... TODAY i beat that DRAGON with a 6 iron ap2 and pro v1x tee box to hole 1 stroke

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1st Ace

I was playing in my regular Sunday afternoon game at ReUnion Golf & CC in Madison MS. #15 is a short (120 yard) Par 3 over water. The pin was tucked far left behind a bunker. I was the last of my foursome to tee off and all three of my buddies were on the green. I hit what I tought to be a pretty good shot with my pitching wedge but could not see it land due to downslope. My playing partners all started yelling "it's in the hole!" I think they were almost as excited as I was. Great feeling! By the way I used a Titlest AP2 Pitching Wedge and ProV1 ball (which my buddies all signed!)so Titlest all the way! That ball will be a prized possession. My first ace after 40 years of golf!

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My hole in one

By: joanh6

This is only the beginning of my THIRD season, and I hit my HOLE IN ONE!!! I was just going out by myself to play when the started recommend the other single behind me join...A little reluctant but I still agreed...and BOY what a GREAT choice...without him, I wouldn't have even gotten to claim my hole in one because I found out when I got back to the club house you HAVE to have a witness!!! Whoot whoot what a GREAT DAY! Not to mention he was gracious enough to take this video, actually he was excited as I was, because he had never witness a hole in one in all of his years of golf!

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My 1st hole in one

I was playing in a benefit golf tournament for Fairmont State University Football ball team when I recorded my first ace. The hole was the 14th at Bel Meadows Country Club. I used a 7 iron on the 160 yard hole. The Head Coach and Athletic Director were selling chances on the hole for $5 to try to make a shot on the green and if your ball landed on the green you were entered into a drawing for a pro golf bag. I handed the Coach $5 and told him if I hit a hole in one the bag is mine and he said deal. I stepped to the tee and hit the shot just past the hole with a titlest ProV1 and spun the ball back into the hole for the Ace. The Coach got more excited than me after the ace. Needless to say he gave me the pro golf bag. Great day. Thanks Titlest for making the best ball in golf.

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Ron Law

By: ronl70

Played Alister MacKenzie course in Sacramento, California. Had a hole in one March 23, 2014, Hole #6. 127 yards with a 9 wood. This was the 2nd hole in one for me. The first was at Winchester Country Club, near Auburn, California on July 15, 2003 on hole #16, 162 yards, with a 7 wood.

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