Hole In One on a Par 4

Over the winter I purchased the Titleist 913 D2 Driver and on March 30th would be the first time I was able to actually get to use it. Keep in mind I haven't even been to the range to practice with my new club.

Hole number one, par 4, was the first time I made contact and to my surprise it went right down the middle. Hole #3 is a long par 5 in which I hit it about two yards into the right rough. Then it came to #5, which is a short par 4, playing 243 yards. Keep in mind this is only the third time I have ever hit this driver. I made a great swing, slightly to the left with a small fade. I could tell it was going right at the hole. The sad thing is that I have poor eyesight with far away things. Meaning, I couldnt tell if it was on the green or not, but I knew it was on line.

As we got to the hole, I didn't see my ball. I knew I wasn't short so it must of shot the green. I looked all over and was beginning to get angry at the thought of a lost ball. My playing partner told me to look in the hole, as if that was a possibility. I walked up from below the whole, slowly peeking into the top part of the hole, nothing. As I slowly moved up some more, I began to see the white of my Titleist Pro V1x. There it was, with my signature 3 blue dots in the form of a triangle looking right at me as to say "here I am". I let out a "Man Scream" that was heard by the entire course. I couldn't reach down and grab it because I was still in disbelief. Soon after my playing partners came up and reacted as if they hit the Hole In One.

It wasn't the best round of golf Iv'e played, score wise, but it was the greatest day of golf I have ever played. The funny thing is, the next hole was a short Par 3, I double boggied the hole.

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  1. Steve N


    I've never had one, it must be a great feeling .... especially on a Par 4!!