My First One

My First One

Just like any other day, I was playing with my regular men's group. It had been an up and down round where I'd been hitting the ball very well. But, as the golf gods are want to do, they decided to take away any feel I had on the greens, so I'd been putting badly for me. We came to the 12th hole, a relatively short par 3 @ 139 yards. Pin was in the front about 6-8 paces on. I'd watched my friends hit and had the benefit of that, so I choked up a little on my wedge, took my swing and watched it go. I actually caught it just a hair heavy and toward the toe, but it seemed to work great into the wind with a little draw. We saw the ball hit, hop once, then check and trickle toward the hole. And then we saw it disappear! I experienced a little lag between actually seeing it disappear and register in my brain, at which point I threw my arms in the air almost involuntarily.

But, the absolute best part about it for me was not that it was my first hole in one. The best part was that this is the same hole where my dad made his third and last hole in one before dying of cancer 12 years ago. To share this honor with my dad made it perfect! And he would have liked that I used a titleist too.

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