My hole in one

This is only the beginning of my THIRD season, and I hit my HOLE IN ONE!!! I was just going out by myself to play when the started recommend the other single behind me join...A little reluctant but I still agreed...and BOY what a GREAT choice...without him, I wouldn't have even gotten to claim my hole in one because I found out when I got back to the club house you HAVE to have a witness!!! Whoot whoot what a GREAT DAY! Not to mention he was gracious enough to take this video, actually he was excited as I was, because he had never witness a hole in one in all of his years of golf!

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  1. Tony M

    The ace no-one saw.

    193-yard par 3. Two tier green. Flag on upper tier. Played the hole many times before. Knew it required a well-struck 4-hybrid to get it on the back shelf. Teed up my ProV-1 and struck a really nice shot. Ball landed on top tier and began rolling. One other member of my foursome also landed on the green, and as we approached the green, his was the only ball we saw. I naturally assumed my ball had rolled off the back (like it had dozens of times before) and grabbed my wedge and my Scotty. As I approached the green, my playing partner said, "Looks like someone is buying drinks" as he peered into the cup. Stopped me in my tracks, and all I could say for the next minute or so was, "I just made a hole in one." Best part of the day was that I had my seven year old daughter with me. Had the other players sign my scorecard which sits framed along with my Titleist ProV-1 on my nightstand.