Hole in One

Since I switched to the DT Solo I have been able to work the ball and have reduced my 22 handicap to 16 so it was just a matter of time before I was able to score a hole in one. It took place on the 4th hole on May the 6th at Princeton Country Club in Mercer County N.J. It was a 130 yards with the pin tucked in behind the left bunker and none of us saw it go in. The ranger who I know was at the hole and came to tell me that I made a good shot but from where he was he didn't know that it went in either. We walked to the green and did not see the ball so I assumed that it had rolled back into the bunker. While I was looking in the bunker one of my playing partners said there is a DT-Solo with 3 red dots in the hole!!! Guess what you did???

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