Last one in my family to get a hole in one

My wife has 3 and my daughter has one. At 61 years of age I thought my life would end without ever feeling the joy of a hole in one. May 14 was a cold North Wind day in Northern Michigan. I was having a pretty good round considering the conditions. My foursome of golfing buddies got to number 7 with the wind squarely in our faces. Number 7 is the hardest par 3 on the course, up a hill with a huge drop off on the left side we call the Valley of Death. I had used my 5 wood in the past when the wind blew from the North but had not done so this season. I decided what the heck and and teed off first. The minute I hit t my Pro V 1 I knew it was a good shot. It hit the hill on the side of the green and bounced left toward the hole. That was all we could see but all four of us heard the distinct sound of the ball hitting the flag. Now I have hit the flag plenty of times in the past with the result being my ball ending up 20 feet from the hole so this was nothing new. I said "boys if that went in I will treat all of you to the finest dinner and best bottle of wine money can buy. Two of the guys hit into the Valley of Death, while my partner and I made our way up the hill toward the green. When we got there the ball was no where in sight. My first thought was that it bounded to the left and down the hill. I slowly approached the cup, almost tip toeing, willing my eyes to see my lovely Pro V in the cup. Three feet from the cup I leaned over and saw nestled in the cup and pin my ball. I went berserk, jumping up and down, screaming my delight, falling to the ground, hugging my group, and loving every minute of that glorious moment when I joined the Hole In One fraternity of Golfers that I had always coveted. Thank you Titleist for making the best golf ball in the world.

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