Just do not screw up

Was having a scary good night in our Thursday golf league. I was already 4 under (2 birdies & an eagle) when we got to our 8th hole (17th at Delray Beach Golf Club) and was just trying not to screw up. The tees were up a bit; a little helping breeze; 128 yards to the middle; slightly uphill; flag is back; don't screw up. I hit pitching wedge and it looked pretty good, high and straight. I saw it on the green for a second or two and then looked away in relief. From the tee you normally can't see balls between the front trap and middle of the green so I'm not too excited when I look back and don't see the ball. That changed upon driving up and finding no balls short of the pin. Sure enough, it's in the hole! Frank, my playing partner, then chips in from 20 yards away for a 2. That's 3 for our cart. Pretty good! On our 9th hole (18), my 12' birdie putt is two inches short, dead in. Finished with 30. That was fun!!!

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