Memorable Memorial Day

Memorable Memorial Day

On a late afternoon on Memorial Day 2014, I was on the fourth tee box at Kingswood Golf Club facing a shot that required a carry over a gully to a multi-tier green. The pin was placed on the front lower-tier. I took my rangefinder to obtain a distance of 138 yards to the pin. Feeling that a pitching wedge was adequate for putting myself in good position, I made solid contact with my pitching wedge.

The ball was heading towards the flagstick with a slight draw. As cheesy as it sounds, I did use the famous Hal Sutton quote as my Titleist ProV1x #3 made its descent towards the ridge that separated upper and lower tier. The ball left its impression on the top half of the ridge and accelerated back downward from the ridge towards the hole from approximately 9 feet away. In an instant, the ball disappeared as it made its final approach towards the hole.

I was doubtful of what just occurred amid the cheers. Was the ball behind the pin? Why did the ball disappear on the green? Needing a better look, I reached back for my rangefinder to get a closer look of the pin and the hole. Seeing absolutely nothing on the green confirmed that I just made my first hole-in-one.

After everyone teed off, I couldn't get the words out for how I felt about my first hole-in-one. I could only muster a few sentence fragments from the lump in my throat.

After a quick cart drive, I approached the green with no clubs in tow and proceeded to video record my walk towards the hole to view my Titleist ProV1x #3 firmly at the bottom of the cup and took pictures of my proud accomplishment.

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