My dads fathers day gift

Hi, my name is Zachary Zuniga,i am 16 yrs.old.On the day of june 11,2014.Iwas playing in the Abilene Open for the west texas juniors champions tour.I happen to approach hole 14 par three card read 208,garmin read 215 to pin. We had a gust of wind blowing at our face at about 25 mph.So as his caddie I suggested a hybrid, he says no dad I wanna get on, so he asked for a 3 wood. So he hits it, we see it all the way through till it hits the green then we lost sight of it.So the group he is playing with are all walking to the green, 2 gentlemen at the other tee box next to our green ask whos ball landed on the green? they said it was zacharys they said IT FELL IN!!! so zac quickly ran to the pin to find his PRO V 1 in the hole. it was AMAZING !!! best fathers day gift ever !!!

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