My hole in one

Hit shot left of pin did not see go in. When we got to green only saw my my playing partner's ball. He said you must have gone long. I was looking for my ball past the green, when he looked into the hole and found my ball.

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2 Replies

  1. John S

    Had my 1st Hole in One today...

    Par 3 156 yds... landed just below the hole ran past and the ball came back an dropped into the hole...

    A friend who has his PGA Instructors card saw the shot drop in the hole.. I never saw it go down as I was placing my club back in the dang bag!

  2. Clayton l

    I am 16, a sophomore in high school. I use titleist cb's, and titleist pro v1x balls. My first hole in one at hart ridge golf course in Manchester IA , witnessed by Kent Zirtzman. I have also recently been nominated as 3A player of the year.