Dads Birthday

I was playing in our league, with 3 good friend on a Saturday morning.I`ve been playing golf for about 30+ years and had never had a hole in one, today was different though, it was my Dads birthday (he would have been 80) it was on the 2nd hole, 194 yds, I used a 4 iron and hit it dead at the flag stick, the bunker in front kind of blocked our view, but I knew it was going to be close.When we got up to the green, I could see that there was no ball on the green, I immediately looked to the back of the green, and seen nothing there either, so I slowly walked to the hole, and sure enough my Titleiest Pro V1- number 7, was in the cup !!!! As things would turn out, I got my first Hole In One, on my Dad`s 80th birthday, and shot 80. what are the chances of that ??? Great Feeling.

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