I am 69 years old and have played the great game of golf for almost 40 years. I play at least 3 or 4 times a week at Stone Creek GC in Omaha NE.

Today, I was playing with my golf buddies, Del, Larry, and Greg. Par 3, #8 on Greystone 9. 137 yards, red flag pin just over a large bunker. One of our ranger friends drove up as we were ready to hit. I hit first and knew it was on line, but the hole itself was not visible from the tee box. My friend Del arrived at the green first and peeked into the hole and gave me a thumbs up. It is a very satisfying thing to look in the cup while the pin is still in and know you have finally met one of your goals. The Titleist NXT was staring me straight in the eye. No one was in the drinking mood, so I will treat them another time. Just goes to show, golf isn't all skill, sometimes the planets are just lined up right

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