Ace to end Cancer

Ace to end Cancer

My dad was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer about 1-2 weeks before my hole in one. We had gone out golfing about 2 days before his surgery was scheduled and I remember thinking that I was going to be disappointed if one of us got our first hole in one because that would be a sign that things with his cancer were not going to go well. Turns out that he came really close (buzzed the hole and was a 2 foot birdie putt). His surgery went really well and his entire Thyroid had to be removed. The surgeon's report on his surgery and follow-up was extremely encouraging and everything seemed to have gone exactly as planned. The day after his surgery I called a couple of friends from back home (Bismarck, ND) and asked if they wanted to get out for a quick 9 and they were in. On the 5th hold the tees were back and we weren't sure what stick to use. I went first and chose a 5 iron (was using a friends clubs since I was back visiting for the surgery from Denver, CO). I struck it well and my buddy said that it may be good. It took one hop and disappeared. We looked at each other with a puzzled look and I asked my buddy if it went in. He said it is either in or over. I threw my club down and started sprinting towards to hole. As I approached the front of the green I could see that nothing was on the other side and my divot was about 5 feet in front of the cup. Sure enough I had carded my first hold in one!!! I figured it was the Lords way of saying that the Cancer was a bump in the road but now it is time to move on because poppa bear was going to be just fine. Poppa was the first phone call as I walked back to the tee box to celebrate with friends. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!

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